Sunday, September 19, 2010

Vintage Garden table..

Sometimes the mind obsesses...right now mine is on the vintage garden table.  I could even do without the vintage part.  I just love the lines and the feeling....Hope you are having a lovely Sunday!

image via Essentially French
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Karena said...

Chritina, you are right I am looking for one as well. It can really go anywhere!!

Art by Karena

Acquired Objects said...

Everyone must be looking for a table like this because I am too. Found some on 1st Dibs but way more then I wanted to spend. I hope you find your dream table!

Enjoy your evening!

a Broad said...

Funny, I remember years ago, we bought an old French iron table base.. it drove me crazy because there was quite a bit of rust on it.
Now I would love it , all old and crusty :)

LLH Designs said...

We are birds of a feather on this one, Christina!

Mona Thompson said...

I love these tables as well. Hoping to find one on my upcoming buying trip to roundtop. Leave Tuesday. Can't wait!

Splendid Sass said...

Love the chair too! Everything old and rusty is better.
Have a nice evening.

Ness Lockyer said...

That fabric looks stunning on that chair
Ness xx

penelopebianchi said...

Oh all you people with my taste! I am going to take a picture tomorrow morning of this old French table.......(iron) that was my Mother's (I know I am lucky) that was back stuck in the bushes.......You will LOVE!

thanks for the inspiration!!!!!! It would have just stayed in the bushes!!

You guys will love it! Thanks for your wonderful blogs.........all of you! It wakes us all up!!!!!!!!


la Brocanteuse said...

Perfect image to obsess about!
xo Colette

vosges paris said...

YES This is totally my thing as well... I have two different ones and I love them both to the max! Bringing the outside in ;)

wonen bij de dijk... said...

Ik heb ook zo'n onderstel, heb er een houten blad op gemaakt..
Mooi hoor..

the polished pebble said...

So perfect!!!
I'll take two please
; - ) kelley