Friday, June 10, 2011

A Picnic and Sunset at La Tour Eiffel...

Every time I have been in France I make sure to stop by the Eiffel Tower.  I love it.. I know it is totally touristy and crazy but I love it!  It is one of my favorite things to do by far in the city.  I love to watch the sun set and see the lights come on, I guess it is the romantic girl in me but it is the best!

We brought a little picnic with us to eat before we went up to the top to watch the sun go down.  Yummy!!

We did not just have dessert but I do try and eat at least 2 types of desert each day I am there.  They are always so pretty and so good.

The view was fantastic and this time I took some extra time to take pictures of the lights below.
The little cafe on the 1st floor was redone with Tolix chairs- love it!

If you are planning on going to Paris La Tour Eiffel is always a good idea!
But be prepared it is always busy because everyone thinks it is a good idea!

images by christina for greige
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Renée Finberg said...

great images.
they bring back only happy memories
of my times in paris.
wish i were there RIGHT NOW!

Jess said...

Looks fabulous! Even though it is touristy, I have heard that if you go to Paris, you HAVE to do the Eiffel Tower :) Those desserts look delicious, especially the Paris Pops!

Duchess & Bird said...

We had dinner at Tour Eiffel 58 in April and it was delicious and had wonderful views. Thanks for such great shots!

Fabiana said...

Breathtaking! Looks like a wonderful dream!


eclecticrevisited said...

what a wonderful idea..I would love to eat 2 deserts a day as well...sans travel.. :), I would like to travel as well..
so fun..and love the pics of the Eiffel Tower..


Shannon said...

This looks to good to be true? Your reality is just a dream for me. Thank you for letting me enjoy the momment. Have a wonderful day!

under spanish moss said...

Darling Christina,
Soooo Jealous...wish we could brunch together too this weekend (however in California not 100 degree Louisiana)! Or we lived just down the street and could chat for hours about everything but nothing! ; )

Have a Fabulous weekend, you deserve it!

Renee and Angela

Curtains In My Tree said...

Love the pictures i don't blame you at all for always going to the Eiffel tour everytime

As my grandmother use to say when our ship comes in we will go

still waiting on my ship to Paris

French said...

Christina, your photos are fantastic! I never ever get tired of seeing the Eiffel Tower, but as I am afraid of heights you will never get me to go to the top ever again!!

The enchanted home said...

WOW this is soooo beauitful! These pictures are incredible, and they make me want to click my heels and be in Paris right now!

Gareen said...

Be still my francophilic heart! I'm obsessed and jealous of your Parisian adventures. Cherish every moment!

Helt Enkelt said...

I hope that I will experience the Eiffel Tower one day...soon :)


Kris said...

The Eiffel Tower is so beautiful and so are the lovely pictures you took. BUT, my eyes are on the desserts that you consumed. They look deLish!


Karen at French Skinny said...

How beautiful! I love the lollipops.

vosges paris said...

I love a sunset at the seine ;) From there yousee the lights in the tower too.. next time I will have a sunset at the tower itself.. sounds like a great idea!

COme over to my blog and see the Parian post... I think you will like it and love to read your comment ;)

Pablo said...

I love the pictures!!! Beautiful views, and those little cakes look delicious! =)

The Cottage Wren said...

Thank you. I feel we're vicariously living through you..too long since have seen these sites..thanks again.